Saana Lindman

Saana comes from Helsinki, Finland. She has already worked for a number of years as a head coach in two different Finnish figure skating clubs and also as a figure skating coach and junior academy coach in Santasport Olympic Training Center. As a freelance coach and choreographer she has cooperated with many clubs, coaches and skaters nationally and internationally. Lately, she has been working in Luxembourg.

Saana has a Master’s Degree in Sports Development and Management (Haaga-Helia Applied Sciences) and Further Qualification in Coaching (Santasport Olympic Training Center). Over the years she has also participated, both as a student and a lecturer, in numerous different workshops, seminars and courses. She is constantly open and interested in learning new things and always wants to develop and challenge herself at the next level.

As a coach, Saana really loves to face athletes as individuals. She enjoys working with children and young adults. She values a positive training and working atmosphere, believes in strengthening the strengths and really pushes her athletes to find their limits – all this in a supportive and constructive way.

Saana is really looking forward to the opportunity of working in Reykjavik and integrating into the club (the name of the club??). She speaks Finnish and English, a little bit of German and Swedish. She is eager to start to learn Icelandic!