Svetlana Ahmerova

Name: Svetlana Ahmerova

What is your job at LSR? I am a professional coach in LSR.

What is your education? My education is a high professional education in sports science and pedagogic with specialization of figure skating

What languages do you speak? I speak English and Russian

When and why did you start skating? I started to skate because loved it.

To what places in the world have skating brought you? Coached in Sweden, Iceland, India, South Africa, Russia

What is your goal as a coach this winter? The goal is to help club line groups that I am working with to become a competitive groups. To help to increase the number of skaters who will jump axel and double and triple jumps. To help skaters to learn a lot of things in a pedagogical field such as discipline, self-control, respect for their own work and work of their teachers as well as give them the idea how sport and training they do now can help them in their future life.